Pai Gow has many differences with the classic version of the legendary game. It has own history and spirit, which follows every gambler, who ever tried to play it. Learn more about Pai Gow from this article.

How to play Paigow

Before the gambler will google how to play Pai Gow poker with a progressive jackpot, it is important for him to understand rules and learn more about its history. It is a card game. The gamer should use seven cards. The main goal is to catch two combinations. The first one must include five cards, the second one – just two. Cards have own rating, which is possible to compare with classic poker.

This game got its name from Chinese popular domino (Pai Gow). The thing is that Pai Gow was very popular in this jurisdiction – that is why gamblers decided to use its name for the presentation. Another one borrowing includes the main rules.

Fortune Pai Gow poker was invented more than 30 years ago. Its motherland is not China, but the USA. It is known that the inventor’s name was Fred Wolf. This man helped the game to reach its popularity. Soon Fred got patent on Paigow. By the way, the same guy invented a lot of other games. which are pretty popular in the gambling world right now.

Game rules

Gamers use 52 cards and one joker. The highest amount of people around the table – six. Another participant is a dealer. Every gamer play against him. Participants can make bets which were approved by everyone around the table before the dealer took a pack.

Every competitor collected his seven cards in a hidden way. After that gamer should separate them by two sides: the high and the low. The high consists of five cards, low – two. Combinations should be unveiled and placed in certain boxes on the table. It is important to mention that a low one combination can’t be stronger than another (high) one. In case if someone broke the rule, it comes a loss for this person.

When all gamblers already separated and unveiled their cards, it comes the dealer’s time. This participant follows the rules too. Now it is time to compete – gamers should compare their combinations. There come classic poker strong hand rules. By the way, joker could be used as a tool to change one card’s meaning (in a goal to reach the highest combination).

About side bets

In casino Pai, it is possible to make side bets. It is an action, when other gamblers can make a bid for one participant, in a goal to win some money.

To answer the question of what is the real odds to win in Pai Gow poker online, it is important to mention, that there is no one perfect recipe. Every gambler invents own strategies.