Pai gow poker – a card game where a player, using seven cards, tries to make two combinations of five and two cards, which by rating of poker hands will be stronger than that of the opponent.

Pai gow poker borrowed part of the name and the general principle from the Chinese game Pai Gow, in which Chinese dominoes are used for the game.

How to play paigow poker online?

  1. To play, you need a deck of 52 cards and 1 joker. Each player receives 7 cards.
  2. Having received the cards, the player divides them into 2 categories: “senior” 5 cards and “junior” 2 cards.
  3. Players open cards
  4. The dealer also receives cards and opens them with the players.
  5. Combinations of both hands of a player are compared with combinations of both hands of a dealer. If the player has a higher combination in both hands, he receives a win that is equal to his bet. If one player’s hand is stronger than the dealer’s hand and the other is weaker, a draw is declared and everyone remains at his own. If the combination on both hands of the player is lower than that of the dealer, the player loses his bet.

Strategy games at casino pai

The most important thing in this game is to learn how to split cards between the upper and lower hands. Below we give the basic rules that will be able to keep mathematical expectations at the level of 2.7%.

  1. There is no combination: leave the highest card on the upper hand, the next two on the lower hand.
  2. One pair: leave the pair on the upper hand, send the two highest of the remaining cards to the lower hand.
  3. Two pairs: do not split if you have a total score of nine or less with a king or ace and do not split if you have a total of fifteen or less points with an ace. Where the points correspond to the face value of the cards (from 2 to 10 matches the face value of the card, 11 – Jack, 12 – Queen, 13 – King, 14 – Ace).
  4. Three pairs: shift the older pair to the lower hand.
  5. Three identical cards. Always put aside three identical cards for the first hand, with the exception of Aces, in this case, you should leave a pair of Aces in the first hand and put the third Ace in the second.
  6. Street or Flash. Normal Street / Flash for the first hand. If you have a straight / flash of six cards, put the highest cards in the second hand. Straight / Flash and pair: Set aside the pair for the second hand. Straight / Flash and two pairs: See the rule for two pairs.
  7. Full house. Always split, except for a pair of deuces or if you have an Ace-King for a second hand.
  8. Four identical cards. 2 to 6: Leave for the first hand. 7 to 10: Separate if you cannot postpone the Ace and the piece for the second hand. From Jack to King: Separate if you cannot set aside a couple dozen or higher for a second hand.
  9. Street Flash. If there is only a straight flash: leave it in the first hand.
  10. Street Flash and two pairs above 10: Separate. Also separate a pair of Aces from another pair.
  11. Street Flash with two pairs and an Ace: Place two pairs in the first hand, and the Ace in the second. Use Street or Flash for the first hand if you manage to put off for the second Ace or “picture”.
  12. Royal Flash. Royal Flash only: move it in the first hand.
  13. Royal Flash with two pairs: See the rule of two pairs. If you can put a pair in the second hand, and leave Straight or Flash in the first: split.
  14. Five Aces. Divide, unless you can put a pair of Kings in the second hand.

Using the proposed strategy, you significantly increase the odds of winning and can break the progressive jackpot.