Pai Gow Poker is a form of poker. Despite the fact that it is considered one of the most popular, the basic rules are noticeably different from the usual version of this card game.

The most important advantage of playing Pai Gow is such an important point that the player needs to beat the dealer only in the game. In a familiar game, the player must play against several opponents. This feature makes this popular card game easier.

How to play this addictive game

Everything is very simple. At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals 7 cards each. The player divides these cards into two sets. One takes in his right hand. The second – to the left. He takes 5 cards in one, and two in the other. The second combination should be weaker than the one in which there are five cards. A player wins if his card combinations are stronger than the dealer.

If one of the player’s card combinations is weaker, and the second is stronger than the distributor, then the game ends in a draw. At the same time, if the sets of cards of both players are equivalent in value, then the dealer won. You have a bit of a 30% chance of winning. Experienced players will enthusiastically tell you that this is a lot. Why 30? Because the outcome of the game is only 3. You either lost, or drew, or won. Playing in Vegas in this popular game, you will get a lot of pleasant experiences.

Many consider Pai Gow poker a kind of Chinese domino, because it actually is. However, in our time, this game means card entertainment, especially in the Western world. This game is a great opportunity to have a good time with cards without worrying about your playing abilities. Here, luck plays a part. New players are even allowed to ask the dealer for advice.

This is allowed only at the beginning of the game, when you need to distribute cards. And the dealer is sure to help, as it makes no sense to refuse. In this game, only one thing matters – whose cards are stronger. You can play this exciting game on video slots, which are made taking into account all the wishes of the players.

Strategies that increase the chances of winning

This kind of poker appeared in China. The exact age of the game is difficult to name, but it is at least 2 centuries old. It is worth mentioning that the game did not appear as a card game. Initially, it was played with domino bones. In interactive casinos and poker videos, it is rare. And you have to work hard to find it. If you are lucky and you find this game, read the rules on the casino website.

Explore the betting system and other useful information that will help in the future game. Since in different casinos the rules can differ quite noticeably. Look for a casino in which the rules of the game match the classic as much as possible. Then you can spend more than one evening playing an exciting game. Yes, and you can earn a lot in poker with a certain degree of luck. Playing online free with bonus is very interesting and profitable.